The Tea And Honey Cookbook

The Tea And Honey Cookbook

Tea & Honey – a Cookbook Project

Both tea and honey are foods that have been cultivated for thousands of years, and loved by an immense proportion of the World’s population.

With our cookbook we wanted to explore the range of flavours and combinations that could be created with these two ingredients. We have attempted to push the boundaries of what is considered the common uses of tea and honey, and create a selection of delicious and one-of-a-kind recipes. Coming from Australia and its culturally diverse society, the recipe concepts originate from a broad cross-section of regional influences.

Additionally, we wanted the book to be as visually stunning as the recipes are delicious, with beautiful photography and design. We want the book to be prominently displayed (hopefully on your kitchen bench) as you experience creating the flavours incorporated within.

This cookbook is a joint venture between Chef Jeffrey Simonetta and Photographer Benjamin Townsend as the first cookbook in a larger project known as Australian Flavours Food Experience. Australian Flavours has been an ongoing side development between Jeff and Ben over the last few years. Its intention is to promote the return of eating for taste and flavour, and highlight the use of quality and locally sustainable produce to create delicious food.



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